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MPROTEK, the global dominator in the automobile turbochargers market based on the most precise technology

With passion and willingness to take on challenges, MPROTEK aims to take a leap forward as a global company specialized in automobile parts machining.
By combining the capacity of our employees to our corporate objectives, MPROTEK is developing into a company with expertise in parts machining technology that is responsive to a quickly changing auto industry.
Based on creativity and service, we will make ongoing efforts to grow into a “Global Company” that offers what customers dream of and need, taking the lead in transformation and innovation.
We ask for your ceaseless full support.
Thank you.

Machining Professional Technology

[Declaration to Customers]
- We respect our customer values.
- We do our best to impress our customers.
- We do NOT send defective goods to customers.
- We do NOT make environment-deteriorating products.