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Business Policies
1. Business Structure for Internal Stability
2. Management for Customer Satisfaction
3. Obtaining Top Quality
4. Strengthening Global Competitiveness
Environment Policies
1. Establishment of an Eco-Friendly Business System
2. Efficient Use of Energy Resources
3. Maximizing Recycling for Environmental Protection
4. Continuous Eco Management Activities
Quality Policies
1. Customer-Oriented Quality Management
2. Stabilizing Quality and Providing Perfect and Optimal Products
3. Future-Oriented Company that Meets Customer Expectations
1. Customer Satisfaction
2. Quality Improvement
3. Cost Reduction
Strengthening Quality System
1. Aiming for Customer Satisfaction
2. Building a System for Quality Satisfaction
3. Creating an Efficient Work Process
Emphasis on Value
1. Strengthening Production Technology Competence
2. Emphasis on HRD and Labor Management
3. Enhancing Employee Benefits
Maximizing Marginal Profit
1. Improving Facilities Productivity
2. Promoting Cost Reduction
3. Analysis and Action for Reducing Fixed and Variable Costs